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Welcome to the sacred space of Healing with the Goddess.
Inspired by the Goddess in Her many forms, the therapies, circles and goddess workshops offered here are dedicated to transformation, healing, and self discovery. Supporting you on your inner journey into deeper connection and expression of your authentic self.

Healing with the Goddess is an extensive Diploma Course offering deep soul healing techniques. This Goddess Course has been designed to support those who feel a calling to assist, guide and facilitate healing, learn new skills, energetic healing techniques and tools to support and empower others either professionally or personally, while undertaking a journey of deep self-exploration and personal growth.

As we journey through this Goddess Course, we learn to deepen our connection to ourselves as a sacred being, integrate the tools, and practice the healing techniques we learn over the weekends, allowing for deep integration and awareness to develop within us as we take the opportunity to address any personal issues or soul blockages which may arise. Allowing us to be free to expand our soul’s awareness and express our authentic truth more here.

Workshops 1-4 are available as stand alone workshops, the last Workshop, In the Blessings of the Goddess, may only be completed having done the first 4. Each workshop is $440. To receive your Diploma, you must complete all five Workshops.

You can pay for each Workshop individually, however if you would like to prepay for the Full Diploma, you can find a 10% discounted price on the Bookings page here, if paid 14 days prior to attending your first Workshop. Please book your individual dates with Yvette by phone or email if you choose to take advantage of this offer.

Yvette is an Approved Trainer through the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, and the ’Healing with the Goddess’ Diploma is an Approved Course. Anyone who completes the Healing with the Goddess Diploma can apply for membership and insurance.

healing with Yvette Doudle
  • Through Past Life Healing, gain understanding and receive deep soul healing through the exploration of past lives and karmic influences
  • Soul Retrieval is a journey to retrieve and integrate aspects of self which may have been lost, fragmented, trapped or disconnected
  • Ancestral Healing works with the energetic imprints of your lineage we trace back the karmic imprints and patterns in your DNA
  • Through Past Life Regression we travel on a deep personal journey using past regression techniques, meditation and breath work aimed at guiding you back into a past lifetime
  • Embrace the Shadow on Hecate’s Journey and go within our own personal underworld exploring and experiencing all aspects of our being as we learn to embrace the darker side of our nature
  • Psychic surgery is the removal of energetic blockages, entities and implants which may be creating disharmony and imbalance within the auric field
  • Receive the Divine Wisdom of the Sacred Mother as you welcome the archetype of the Divine Feminine on an Archetypal Goddess Walk
  • Release unwanted energy and influences from your energy field with an auric massage
  • Guided by the Divine Mother, Sacred Goddess Healing technique uses Sacred Goddess Oils to gently heal and soothe the soul
  • more here
cacao healing ceremonies

Private one on one Sacred Ceremonial Cacao Healing sessions with Yvette.
Be guided on a deep personal soul healing journey through conscious breath, guided meditation, intention and energy healing techniques using pure grade ceremonial cacao magically prepared in sacred space personally created for you.

Feel the magic, wisdom, insight and heart opening properties of ceremonial cacao in the comfort and safety of a supportive private healing session and experience the blissful blessings of love, sacredness and chocolate. more here

cacao circles

Journey with the Mayan Goddess Ixcacao, Sacred Earth Goddess of chocolate, fertility, and love. Allow her to gently guide you as you let go, deepen, and surrender to the sacred wisdom of your heart.

The blessing the Cacao Goddess offers to our circle, is the reminder the heart is the centre for all that is sacred. As we return to our heart, we allow ourselves the opportunity to rest, to be held and nurtured in the arms of the Goddess. Through this process we take the time to honour ourselves, expand our consciousness, and realign to the true essence of who we are. more here

goddess oils

Experience the sacred ritual and ceremonial uses of essential oils as you indulge in the divine and inspirational vibration of these alchemical creations inspired by the Goddess through her many forms.

These products offer sacred healing, vibrational upliftment and transformation and are divinely guided and created in sacred temple space in deep ceremony. more here

goddess oils

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